Borat 3 Out Of Question: Sacha Baron Cohen To Give Up His Undercover Roles

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‘Borat 3’s’ future is hanging in suspension after Sacha Baron Cohen stated that he is not playing undercover roles anymore.

Even though Sacha Baron Cohen has explicitly confessed his disinterest in playing undercover roles, audiences still believe ‘Borat 3’ will happen sometime in the future. Let’s find out what we can expect from the third franchise film if it actually happens despite Cohen’s statement.


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Sacha Baron Cohen reprised his role in the 2020 reboot movie, nearly fourteen years after playing a  journalist from Kazakhstan in the 2006 mockumentary and exploring America through the eyes of a migrant. At the end of the movie, Jason Woliner included a final act plot that hinted that the third instalment of the movie will happen, with or without Cohen.

In the 2020’s movie, Cohen, playing the journalist Borat, gets offered to go on a government mission after spending 14 years in a labour camp. This is his chance to restore Kazakhstan’s lost reputation or die at the hands of the Americans. He starts his journey to America and offers his 15-year-old innocent-looking daughter, Tutar (played by Maria Bakalova), to a renowned American politician. The father and daughter duo learn about the nitty-gritty of American customs in the Southern portion of the US. Slowly, Tutar evolves as a more confident individual and grooms her appearance, while Borat chalks out a plan to save his life.

By the time the audience reaches the end of the movie, Borat starts questioning his belief system. Borat finds himself in a dilemma where he neither wants to keep his daughter in a cage, nor does he want Tutar to marry an American politician. He comes up with a bizarre idea and wears a seductive costume to handle the situation. These last 15 minutes were absolutely hilarious for the audience seeing him in this avatar.

 Sacha Baron Cohen to give up his undercover roles‘Borat 3’ out of question: Sacha Baron Cohen to give up his undercover roles


The ‘Borat’ reboot film happened after 14 years and it is still unclear if the third instalment will get a green signal. The timing of the sequel movie just before the US 2020 election implies that Cohen will be in no mood to leave the Americans and will continue trolling them in the years to come. If the results of the US election would have favoured Trump, we could have hoped for an early release of ‘Borat 3’. Now that Joe Biden is elected, we can’t expect ‘Borat 3’ to be greenlit prior to 2024.


‘Borat 3′ may or may not happen depending on the political situation in America, and the plotline will most likely revolve around the biggies of the upcoming years. Borat still has a lot to explore about himself and needs to address some personal issues. We saw changes in him after his experiences with Tutar in America. Fans of the critically acclaimed franchise haven’t stopped anticipating another drama set somewhere in the U.S. and will give more unique experiences about the deeper aspects of American culture.

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