EXCLUSIVE | 'Tabbar' fame Paramvir Singh Cheema: 'Never thought I would act, Salman Khan is my favourite'

EXCLUSIVE | 'Tabbar' fame Paramvir Singh Cheema: 'Never thought I would act, Salman Khan is my favourite'

Dec 3, 2023 - 11:30
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EXCLUSIVE | 'Tabbar' fame Paramvir Singh Cheema: 'Never thought I would act, Salman Khan is my favourite'

Paramvir Singh Cheema starred in one of the most acclaimed shows in recent times called Tabbar. The actor is now gearing up for another show called Chamak. And in an exclusive interview with Firstpost, he spoke about his acting inspiration, how his father encouraged him to be in the industry, and his prep for the role he essays.

Edited excerpts from the interview

What inspired you to become an actor?

I never thought I would act, but I was always very fond of Filmfare and especially Salman Khan. When I came to Mumbai for a shoot as a model, my friend took me to a theatre class and the way I felt after that, I could express all my emotions without fear. At that point, I decided to become an actor.

A farmer turning actor is a story unheard of. What was the reaction at home?

It’s actually a farmer’s son turned actor. My father is a lawyer but no longer practices law. He’s a full-time farmer. So when I went back during COVID before Tabbar and started doing farming, I used to practice it before when I used to go to Punjab. But during the pandemic, I wanted to do it full time, but my father said he didn’t want me to be a farmer. There was no money in this and it’s a struggle I’d never get over with. He gave me some money and asked me to focus on acting. I kept auditioning from Jalandhar and Tabbar happened, and then Chamak. So, my family is really happy now and proud too. Even while saying this, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for asking me this question.

How did Chamak happen?

By god’s grace, luck and by hard work and by the support of family and friends, and because of Tabbar and Sony Liv, which suggested my name to Rohit Jugraj – the director of Chamak. And because of the man Rohit Jugraj, who put his trust in me.

How did you prepare for your role?

To get into the skin of Kaala, I did a lot of prep, starting with growing my hair, changing my wardrobe, and learning music. Reading a lot of books based on musicians. Understanding their journeys. I followed Tupac, Arif Lohar, Gurdas Maan Saab, and Sidhu Moose Wala. I made a full journey of Kaala in my mind about how he grew up as a child.

Who all are your inspirations in acting?

Robert De Niro. Just him.

What do you have to say about the boom of OTT?

It’s a blessing for a lot of filmmakers and actors who had talent and were not able to bring it forward. In COVID people watched world cinema and now the audience is very smart they know everything. So now it’s only the game of good content to reach the hearts of people. More stories can be shown and there is big scope for actors and filmmakers to show their craft because you can extend a series up to as many seasons as you want.

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