Helen Proves Age is Just a Number With Her Intense Pilates Session at 83- Watch

Veteran actress Helen exemplifies commitment and dedication at 83 with her latest pilates session. Scroll down to watch!

Jun 19, 2024 - 02:30
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Helen Proves Age is Just a Number With Her Intense Pilates Session at 83- Watch

Age is just a number, and Helen is living proof of that. The diva who captivated millions in the 50s is still active and inspiring us with her fitness journey. Helen, an ageless icon, continues to set the bar high. Recently, the veteran actress has embraced a new fitness regime, and her dedication and enthusiasm have us all in awe.

Renowned fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala shared an interactive video featuring Helen on her Instagram. When asked about her decision to join pilates classes, Helen told Yasmin, “Everyday you would ask me and I would say tomorrow. I know you got so tired of telling me that I felt guilty and the next day I rang you up and I said I am coming my darling and I will never go out of Pilates classes again.” Helen also shared the benefits of the classes and shared, “Yasmin, I am feeling so energetic, so alive, so happy and look forward to this every day. I feel so good. It gives me a high. I don’t have to drink or smoke. I get the high with my Pilates.” The video also features Helen practising Pilates with utmost sincerity.”

Helen recalled the health issues that she suffered before joining the classes and said, “I had a walking cane with me. The walking cane is in the cupboard somewhere. I had a knee problem. I had to take injections for my knee. That’s completely gone. I can walk on my own and maybe I am going to dance.” Helen signed off with these words and a smile on her face, “Tell all the dancers of the industry to settle down. I am coming again.” Sharing the video, Yasmin Karachiwala wrote, “Age is just a number when you’re dancing through life with Pilates. To watch full Pilates journey of our legend Helen Khan, click on the link in bio!”

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Bollywood actors swear by Pilates. Be it Kareena Kapoor or Janhvi Kapoor, the actors are known for practising it and never missing out on sessions.

There are several benefits of Pilates. It increases muscle strength, helps in achieving flexibility and also helps in building a healthy mind-body connection. Instead of burning calories, Pilates focuses on correcting the form. Seniors can perform it 10 to 15 minutes every day and see healthy changes.

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