Is Harry planning to return to UK without Meghan?

Is Harry planning to return to UK without Meghan?

May 29, 2023 - 18:30
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Is Harry planning to return to UK without Meghan?

Is it true that Harry is in touch with a divorce lawyer? Princess Diana’s former butler has sensationally claimed Prince Harry has “finally woken up to the truth” about his wife and will soon return to the UK for good.
In conversation with GB News, Paul Burrell – who worked for Diana for more than 10 years until her death in 1997 – has claimed the Duke of Sussex is staying with his wife, Meghan, only for the sake of their two children, Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 1.
According to a report published in, Burrell says, “Am I the only person in the UK that is thinking, has Harry finally woken up to the truth? Has he finally seen the truth of what his wife is doing and that he’s been brainwashed and mesmerised by her beauty or something? Because we all know that but he doesn’t seem to see it,” Burrell said.
He added that he wants Harry to be happy and see his family grow but admitted there was a “niggling doubt” in his mind and he believed the prince would return to the UK for good and be welcomed with “open arms” by both his father King Charles and brother Prince William, despite reports of their estranged relationship.
“I have no doubt that, when this happens, because we all know that it will happen, when it does happen then he will return to the United Kingdom and I think his father, the King, and his brother, the Prince of Wales, will both greet him back into the country with open arms.

“There is an element of Harry we all love, we just don’t understand why he’s doing what he’s doing at the moment.” Burrell has claimed Harry’s children are the reason he has remained in California, stating: “Splitting from his family right now is a little premature.
“I think he would want to stay in that driving seat to watch his children grow because if he left this relationship now he’d lose his children because she’d keep them in America and he wouldn’t see them.

“You will inevitably see cracks in this marriage because we know with great press and great criticism and world fame comes great pressure and this couple will have great pressure on their shoulders.” It comes after a friend of the pair, Gayle King, revealed they were in “a really good place” right now.
Speaking to Us Weekly, the TV star said: “You’ve seen the two of them together and I know what they have is really true-blue. And it’s good to see the happiness that they give each other.”

Harry & Meghan’s split, what experts have to say?

“When we take a look at the changes in Harry and Meghan’s lives since the beginning of their relationship, Meghan has become a global figure and one of the most recognisable people in the world. While this may have caused issues for other couples, Harry and Meghan appear to be stronger than ever. The fact they have managed to overcome certain challenges and show genuine emotion proves they are clearly meant to be. I definitely believe they are in it for the long haul. I do think they will last the course of time,” Darren Stanton said.

Harry and Meghan have had to overcome a number of hurdles and Meghan “was very much like Princess Diana as she was new on the scene and had to get to know the Royal Family”, the expert said.

“In terms of their development over the years, the couple have been through a lot in order to get where they are today. Their relationship started off being seemingly smooth sailing and there were no challenges. Meghan was very much like Princess Diana as she was new on the scene and had to get to know the Royal family. However, despite having challenges since then, the couple have only got stronger over the years. In terms of confidence, I would say that Meghan is very much the stronger personality,” Darren Stanton said.

“But, having said that, she’s the one who has had the normal upbringing. She obviously had to work hard to become a professional actor, facing lots of rejection and hardships, especially in her professional life,” the expert explained.

We all know that Meghan is a control freak and the mastermind behind Harry’s controversial memoir Spare. The rumors, according to royal expert Tom Bower, are coming out of London. “There are many now in London who say Meghan is getting tired of Harry.” There is speculation that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, will at any moment say ‘This is enough’ and negotiate with King Charles III some deal to break off the marriage.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond says Meghan Markle is ‘an absolute control freak’ who wants to be in control of every aspect of her life, “she is not used to having to cede control in anyway whatsoever. The Duchess of Sussex has said it takes “a lot of effort” to forgive and hinted that she can “say anything” as she sat down for a wide-ranging interview in the US.

Samantha, who has accused Meghan of having ‘narcissistic personality disorder’

Samantha, Meghan’s half sister has also claimed that she ‘did a lot of damage’ to their father Thomas Markle and called on her half-sister to make a public apology to him.

Speaking to TMZ about Meghan and Harry’s marriage, she said: ‘I see it ending in divorce unless they get extensive counselling and can agree to work on being honest, to work on apologies to everyone that they’ve damaged in the course of this bull in a china shop two-year spiel.  ‘I mean, nothing about any of this has been honest, and the damage to the Royals has been massive – especially now.’

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