Kaley Cuoco Is Glad The Big Bang Theory Ended

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After playing the sometimes messy and oftentimes cool Penny for 12 seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, fans were shocked that Kaley Cuoco’s next venture would be something like ‘The Flight Attendant’.

Even Cuoco was scared initially and never wanted to get out of her comfort zone – ‘The Big Bang Theory’. She was visibly disturbed when Jim Parsons announced his departure from the show leading to the ultimate cancellation of the most popular sitcom of the world. Now after seeing the product of her hard work and going beyond her fears, she is glad that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended.


  • Kaley Cuoco had a strong reason for making ‘The Flight Attendant’ herself
  • Cuoco is thankful that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended


Cuoco surprised many with her character in the darkly comedic thriller, which ultimately rewarded her with her first Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations. She lost the Golden Globe to Catherine O’Hara for the best comic role in ‘Schitt’s Creek’. Recently, she opened about what she felt before the conception of ‘The Flight Attendant’, after coming from the world’s most popular sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Kaley Cuoco revealed that she accidentally came across the novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian, which was later adapted in the series ‘The Flight Attendant’, while lazily scrolling through Amazon one night.

Kaley Cuoco is glad ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended for it made her a braver personKaley Cuoco is glad ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended for it made her a braver person

When the opportunity came, she quickly recommended the book for an adaptation and became one of the executive producers on the series. The response of season 1 proves that she has the business acumen for the entertainment industry. While speaking with Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast recently, Cuoco revealed why she had to be at the helm to make ‘The Flight Attendant’, saying that her character is any actor’s dream character because

“I feel like I played ten characters in one. She got to be funny and very upset, tears in one scene and laughing in the other and being sarcastic. And I got to do all the things. And I truly don’t think anyone would have hired me for this. So I had to do it myself”.

Though Kaley Cuoco enjoyed the perks of being a part of the most successful comedy, she was aware that she will be stereotyped and will never get to play such a character. She had earlier confessed that people still recognise her as Penny and it is hard for her fans to see her play someone else. Moreover, Cassie from ‘The Flight Attendant’ is miles apart from Penny on ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Cuoco knew that no one would consider her to play Cassie, so she decided to make the show for herself.


Though Cuoco is grateful to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for making her a world-renowned celebrity, she is happy that the series ended for good. It was only after the cancellation of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, she decided to venture ahead and do something brave. And she proved her mettle with Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ failed her for never recognising the potential actor within her. A similar story goes with Jim Parsons, who reflected an entirely different version of him in Netflix‘s ‘Hollywood’.

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