Real-Life Weight Loss Story: Asha Jain Loses 9 Kgs Without Cutting Out Rice and Chinese Cuisine – Exclusive

Real-life weight loss stories often have a direct connect to people. Having a tough time starting your weight loss regime? Here is Asha Jain's inspiring journey to help you propel towards a healthy lifestyle.

Jun 19, 2024 - 10:30
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Real-Life Weight Loss Story: Asha Jain Loses 9 Kgs Without Cutting Out Rice and Chinese Cuisine – Exclusive

Real-Life Weight Loss Story: Weight loss is a journey that requires an emotional, mental and physical investment of different levels. A subjective journey, the route, time and destination can be different for different people. Everyone has their reason for how, when and why they embarked on this mission. For Asha Jain, increasing health issues became a major motivating factor to embark on a more fit lifestyle. Speaking exclusively to Jain, who is also an avid traveller, says “Multiple health issues like back pain, knee pain (post an accident), dullness and laziness throughout the day. I used to feel sleepy whole day even after sleeping close to 12 hours.”

Asha lost 9 kgs in nearly four months by adhering to a dedicated diet and exercise routine. Here is her inspiring journey of embarking on a happier and healthier life and how!

What Was Your Weight Loss Diet And Routine?

This is the best part, I was eating almost the same food which I used to like – fruits, dry fruits, seeds, dal, lentils, rice, roti and curd. The difference was the quantity of food. Along with this the plans also included some interesting options like pasta, noodles, fried rice, wraps, etc

Also, another best part was that you can switch the timing of the meals like lunch can be swapped with dinner to ease the cooking process.

Did You Completely Cut Down on Sugar?

White sugar, yes. But the only thing I was consuming sugar in was my morning coffee, which I replaced with stevia. Rest of the sugar cravings were covered by fruits, protein shakes and of course ice creams that my coach, Miten allowed me to eat on my weight loss journey

Did You Have Cheat Meals?

Initially I used to have cheat meals one day in a week. But recently the frequency is reduced. Now the cheat days does happen, but I end up eating things from the meal plan. So one can safely say that I crave for the meals like protein parfait to have in cheat day breakfast. And if I have trips or anything planned then I don’t take cheat days at all for a month or so if not absolutely craving for anything. Must say, this has become easier with time.

What is One Rule That You Abide by For Losing Weight?

Just for workouts, whenever I feel lethargic I remind myself of a rule which I made , which is “just one day at a time” do it today and we’ll see tomorrow.

What Was One Thing That Worked Best For You?

No requirement to think or plan for food. My coach at MSF took care of everything for me. All I had to then do is remove 15-20 minutes a day to prepare my meals and eat.

The best part about the workout plans is that you can choose how many days you wish to workout, along with the duration for each day. Miten also takes into consideration the equipment that are available to you and formulate a workout accordingly. I started with resistance band workouts and then moved onto working out in a gym. What’s worked for me are the strength training workouts.

One Challenge That You Faced And How Did You Overcome it?

Even after having less food, I was gaining weight. Was getting tired mentally and physically very easily. Was becoming lazy to do my favorite things as well. So, under the guidance of Miten, I just simply used to follow all the steps for a weight loss routine.

Even when I am on trips, I make sure of having breakfast properly and around the same range as per the meal plan. Then during the day I opt of better options. The relation with food has become way better

Is There a Weight Loss Myth That You Got to Know About During Your Journey?

Eat less food quantity wise and you’ll lose weight. With my MSF Program, I was eating so much, and still losing weight. That too sustainably, and eating my favourite foods.

Jain believes that you don’t need to eat less, you need to eat right. If you get any issues, feel free to raise your concern. You’ll never know if you don’t share. Maybe you are facing issues since years, which can be resolved in days if you reach out to correct people.

“Life becomes easy if your body is capable enough to do things without getting tired. Day to day life and small to medium level of tasks become no brainer,” adds Jain. runs a special series and brings forth Real-Life Weight Loss stories for our readers to people them take that first step towards themselves. If you have or know someone who might have an incredible weight loss journey to share, write to us on our social media handles or drop a mail at – [email protected].

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