3 Best Energy Drinks to Have your Εnergy “Βatteries" Full … all day long

3 Best Energy Drinks to Have your Εnergy “Βatteries" Full … all day long

3 Best Energy Drinks to Have your Εnergy “Βatteries" Full … all day long

It is a fact, the market is full of energy drinks of various brands and flavors.

Have you really thought when was the last time you finished an entire day without a cup of coffee or any other stimulating drink?

Have you noticed how “dysfunctional” you are in the morning if you don’t drink coffee?

Have you thought about how you feel empty of energy and not able to perform at work without drinking your coffee?

Unfortunately, there are only twenty-four (24) hours in a day and today life today demands that everyone be one hundred (100) per cent functional during most of them.

The commitments never stop and the stress consumes all your energy, making you feel more tired, more exhausted, more depressed, not only physically but psychologically, as well.

This is why it is no coincidence that in recent years the global market for energy drinks has been experiencing an ever-increasing boom.

A recent valuation of this highly profitable market shows numbers reaching an amount of USD45.80 billion in 2020, projected to more than double by 2031.

Unbelievable, however, yet true.

A simple visit to a supermarket will open up a whole “new world” for you.

A huge variety of energy drinks on the shelves promise a huge energy boost instantly and effectively.

Nevertheless, selecting a really good and beneficial energy drink is not as simple as it seems.

With help of this article, we see together the huge benefits of a quality energy drink and the dangers hidden when you pick up any energy drink.

Furthermore, we look at the best three (3) energy drinks of the current year (2022) based on consumer reviews.

The Βest (3) Εnergy Drinks in titles

  1. Instant Energy by TestoPrime| Top choice energy drink for endless energy
  2. Celsius Kiwi Guava Lime On-the-Go Powder Stick packs | Ideal energy drink for use prior to hard trainings
  3. Pure Boost immune clean antioxidant energy drink mix | The absolutely “healthy” choice of energy drink

Dangers “hidden” in Energy Drinks

Indeed, in the market you can find a huge variety of energy drinks, covering all tastes.

However, are all these energy drinks really beneficial?

The answer is certainly “NO”.

Nevertheless, where is the problem with all these energy drinks?

Most of these products are full of chemicals, flavor boosters and mostly full of sugar.

Finally, what’s the point of filling up your body with energy by taking unnecessary sugar that you’ll have a hard time burning off in the gym?

What you really need are quality energy drinks, cleaner forms of energy offering you beneficial nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and adaptogens).

With no sugar, no calories and surely no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Our team identified for you – among dozens of products – the three (3) “cleanest” labels on energy drinks on the legal market today (2022).

The best three (3) energy drinks that will actually (and not just in words) help you achieve your daily goals, while offering your health a beneficial boost with nutrients.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to the labels of the products you purchase.

Before you decide, carefully read the composition and try to understand what exactly is inside each can of energy drink, remembering there are several factors to be considered before the final selection.

Here is an example.

Caffeine levels, the sugar content, the nutrients (if any), the content of L-theanine and L-tyrosine.

Gym connoisseurs and experts know how to select.

In general, their advice is as follows: “Don’t pick up energy drinks full of sugar. Most likely, they will end up “sabotaging” and not benefiting your training”.

The Best (3) Energy Drinks you never run out of Power.

 1. Instant Energy by TestoPrime | Top choice –  energy drink for endless energy

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In a market offering a multitude of pre-workout, strength and energy boosting products, how easy is it to select a product really benefiting (and not harming) your organism?

An overwhelming majority of these energy drinks are cans full of sugar, dubious origin, dangerous stimulants, preservatives and strong chemicals for giving the drink an “addictive” taste.

Now imagine consuming such drinks in your everyday life.

Imagine how much damage you unwittingly cause to your organism

In this saturated market, try to find a reliable daily drink offering energy (but not sugar), keeps you awake and focused (but not nervous), enhances your physical and mental performance, enhances your mood of wellness and helps you perform to the maximum from morning to late at night.

It’s not that simple.

Therefore, we found the best for you, the best of all, TestoPrime’s Instant Energy.

Why the best? See below the reason.

It clearly emphasizes massively boosting energy levels (after all, it is an energy drink, however, without causing nervousness, jitters or other side effects.

Instant Energy also pays great attention to your health.

Physical, spiritual and psychological.

What to do with an energy drink causing you dozens of side effects, which eventually make you more dysfunctional than energetic and effective?

The Instant Energy drink is the ideal proposal for you feeling you need energy to perform at your best, at work, at home, in your training.

Instant Energy is that energy boost needed every day to achieve bigger goals.

  • Consistently high energy levels throughout the day.
  • No side effects from stimulants.
  • Strong stimulation of nootropic processes.
  • Improved mood and psychology.
  • Increased motivation and competitiveness.

Instant Energy is exactly what you are looking for in an energy drink.

Why select it?

We selected Instant Energy as the top energy drink, suitable even for daily use for the following important reasons.

  • Contains NO sugar AT ALL.
  • No calories at all (suitable for dieting or weight control).
  • Includes specially selected ingredients eliminating the “side effects” of caffeine.
  • Contains powerful nootropic ingredients promoting concentration and cognitive functions of the brain.
  • Contains no chemical dyes (its color comes from natural beta-carotene pigments)
  • Contains ingredients improving mood and fighting stress.
  • It has a fresh, cool & pleasant taste.

What made us excited

The taste of it. While most energy drinks with zero sugar have a not-so-good taste, TestoPrime’s Instant Energy has a great taste lifting your spirits.

With an orange and mango flavor not lagging behind sugar-filled drinks at all, TestoPrime’s Instant Energy will fill you with energy but not unnecessary calories.


Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is a type of caffeine.

Its difference from common caffeine is extremely important.

Anhydrous caffeine is produced from the beans and leaves of coffee plants as well.

Its difference has nothing to do with the origin of the coffee beans, but in the way it is prepared.

Its name “anhydra” meaning “without water” explains everything.

Like common caffeine, it is extracted from coffee beans, nevertheless, the difference with anhydrous caffeine is that it then goes through a dehydration process.

The result is an extremely thick powder with concentrated flavor and concentrated properties.

Intense energy, increased focus, improved performance (physical & mental).

In addition, improved cognitive function, increased productivity, improved psychology, boosted motivation, reduced stress and enhanced athletic performance.

Anhydrous caffeine has the ability to further increase the action of certain natural stimulants of the body (dopamine, norepinephrine, adrenaline and glutamate).


L-Theanine is an amino acid that has become popular known as the “calm and relaxation amino acid”.

It was originally identified from the tea leaves, with which it has been associated in the minds of most people (although we also find it in other foods such as certain mushrooms).

L-Theanine is a natural substance proven by scientific studies to improve relaxation and focus, this being one of the reasons for finding it in many nutritional health supplements.

It significantly increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, the neurotransmitters mainly responsible for regulating mood and improves cognitive function.

L-Theanine works as a natural anti-depressant and natural reliever of ADHD symptoms and stress.

It improves the quality of sleep and contributes to the better functioning of the entire organism.


L-Taurine is undoubtedly the amino acid of energy and focus, synthesized by the organism from another amino acid (cysteine).

L-Taurine is found in animal foods, taking its name from the bull, as it was first discovered as a substance in its bile.

Taurine is not incorporated into proteins. On the contrary, it circulates freely in high concentration in the human body (mainly in the brain).

It is a sulfide amino acid highly necessary for the organism and must be obtained in sufficient quantities from the diet (which is extremely problematic for people following a vegetarian diet, usually having a lower amount in their organism by up to eighty (80) per cent.

Taurine plays various (and very important) roles in the normal functioning of the organism and more specifically in the functioning of the brain, heart, gallbladder, eyes and vascular system.

It is prescribed for the treatment of heart failure but you will also find it in many sports performance enhancing supplements.

It is necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles, while its deficiency is associated with conditions of depression, stress, infertility, obesity, gout, Alzheimer’s and liver disorders.

It improves athletic performance and (studies show) increases cellular hydration like creatine, making muscles look bigger/harder/bulkier.


L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid (non-essential as it is produced by the organism itself in sufficient quantities), used in the organism to produce dopamine, with the main purpose of regulating mood and stress levels.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid often seen used by athletes as well as people looking to improve their mental performance, also used as a natural treatment for people with depression or intense stress. The reason is simple.

Tyrosine as an amino acid contributes to the production of important neurochemical elements of the organism related to the communication of nerve cells and regulating the mood.

It is produced naturally by the organism itself from the amino acid phenylalanine, vitamin B6 and folic acid, considered a precursor to adrenaline, neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, also playing an important role in the general good functioning of the brain.

In addition, it boosts energy levels and gives a strong boost to a person’s psychology and motivation.

B Vitamin Blend

According to Kidneyurology.org B vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body and play a key role in many important biological functions of the organism, from energy production to skin health.

TestoPrime Instant Energy supplement contains not one (1) or two (2), but seven (7) members of the B vitamin family to enhance the benefits to the organism and promote overall good health and optimal functioning.

B vitamins act as coenzymes, participating in a significant percentage of the organism’s enzymatic processes and supporting every stage of cellular function.

If we wanted to briefly describe the importance of B vitamins in the organism, we would say that it is divided into two (2) subcategories: catabolic metabolism contributing to energy production and anabolic metabolism, ultimately leading to the construction and conversion of bioactive molecules.

L-Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate (L-Choline Bitartrate) is a water-soluble choline extract broadly used to naturally enhance cognitive functions of the brain, as well as to protect nerve health.

It is an essential nutrient for the body present in almost all animals as well as plants.

What many people don’t know is that choline is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient.

It also greatly helps in improving focus and supports healthy brain development in the early stages of development of a fetus inside the womb.

L-Choline Bitartrate is found in many health supplements, as it fights fatigue, increases physical endurance, enhances mental performance & protects heart health.

KSM 66 ® Ashwagandha Extract

KSM 66 ® Ashwagandha Extract is a patented supplement of the well-known herb Ashwagandha.

What is special about this particular form of the herb is that it is a USDA Certified Organic Concentrated Action supplement, manufactured to the highest quality standards.

KSM-66 – a product of the company Ixoreal Biomed – has gone through clinical trials and has been proven to help fight anxiety, but also to enhance cognitive functions, enhance sexual health and stimulate the user’s athletic potential.

This is the highest concentration of the herb Ashwagandha found on the supplement market today.

Vitamin C

No special recommendations are necessary for vitamin C. It is one of the most important vitamins and a basic nutrient for the organism and its function.

It is the main vitamin for strengthening the body’s immunity, while it also supports skin health by contributing to the production of valuable collagen.

It fights infections and offers anti-ageing properties.

Target group

TestoPrime’s Instant Energy is for anyone eighteen (18) years of age or older feeling tired and having low energy (physical or mental).

Its zero calories and the absence of sugar make it suitable even for people on a strict diet.

It is a “clean” source of energy suitable for people with high demands on themselves and their performance.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website

2. Celsius Kiwi Guava Lime On-the-Go Powder Stick Packs | Ideal energy drink for use prior to hard training

With Celsius Kiwi, Guava Lime On-the-Go Powder Stick Packs you can have the immediate energy boost needed at any time and moment (wherever you are).

It is a uniquely created energy formula, rich in essential vitamins, offering the organism immediate physical and mental stimulation.

It is the ideal energy drink before training, but also at work or while running for the various commitments of the day.

What made us excited

Two things.

First: Celsius Kiwi Guava Lime On-the-Go Powder Stick Packs are in single-dose sachets, super easy to keep in your bag or even your pocket.

You don’t need to carry large containers and measuring devices.

Easily and quickly, you have your drink in one (1) minute.

Second: This particular energy supplement has very low sodium content, containing NO sugar AT ALL.

It also does not contain aspartame or artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives.

Celsius Kiwi Guava Lime On-the-Go Powder Stick Packs will help you:

  • be full of energy
  • burn excess body fat
  • have a faster metabolic rate


Metaplus Proprietary Blend: Taurine, Guarana Extract (Seed), Caffeine (as Caffeine Anhydrous), Glucuronolactone, Ginger Extract (Root), Green Tea Leaf Extract Standardized to fifteen (15) per cent.

Other ingredients: Citric Acid (Citric Acid is Added for Flavor; it is Not Used as a Preservative), Natural Kiwi Guava Flavor, Red Beet Juice Powder (for Color), Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide (Non-GMO).

3. Pure Boost Immune Clean Antioxidant Energy Drink Mix | The absolutely “healthy” choice of energy drink

Most people find it very difficult to start their day without a dynamic “kick” of a coffee (or several more)

However, large doses of caffeine can ultimately have a huge negative impact on your daily life and performance.

Pure Boost Immune Clean Antioxidant Energy Drink Mix is ​​a natural alternative for incomparable energy, with no side effects.

Pure Boost Immune Clean Antioxidant Energy Drink Mix is ​​a health supplement for everyone.

It is easy to use.

It tastes great.

It offers immediately visible health and wellness benefits.

A delicious juice offering four (4) to six (6) hours of pure energy, with no side effects.

In addition, you won’t have a sudden crash afterwards.

The energy remains steadily enhanced.

What made us excited

Pure Boost Immune Clean Antioxidant Energy Drink Mix is ​​the health supplement you need,

  • whether you exercise or not
  • whether you work or not
  • whether you deal with the endless chores of the household or not
  • whether you have children who exhaust you or not

The Pure Boost Immune Clean Antioxidant Energy Drink Mix is ​​an extra boost of your immunity with strong antioxidant elements, extremely beneficial for everyone.

With careful composition, it aims at the general stimulation of health and not at an “epidermal” stimulation of energy.


  • Natural Green Tea Caffeine
  • Vitamins and Electrolytes
  • Natural flavors and colors
  • NO Sugar
  • NO Sucralose
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Dairy
  • NO Soy
  • NO Gluten

What should I look out for before the purchase of an energy drink?

We have seen how important the “label” is in the purchase of a quality energy drink.

Therefore, you should learn to decode it.

The purpose is to find energy drinks providing the boost of energy needed, without being harmful (in any way) to your organism and health.

The choice you make should be “suitable” especially for you, meaning – depending on your body type, your health status and the goals set – a drink with balanced proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your specific body type.

A drink rich in nutrients should clearly be high on your list of options.

The rich nutrients will be able to offer you a more “substantial” energy boost compared to a simple sugary drink.

In conclusion, it is very important to find an energy drink that will suit your needs.

Why do we consider the above energy drinks as reliable and the best of their kind?

First, they do not contain sugar.

This in itself is a big positive, for us who aim for a healthy and strong organism.

Second. They are of the highest quality.

They are manufactured by reliable companies in approved facilities and by specialized personnel.

Third. Apart from extremely good marketing, these products also contain an impressive list of ingredients.

Without dangerous artificial coloring substances, preservatives or flavor enhancers, without harmful artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, but with a rich and pleasant taste, they win impressions.

What is the most important selection criterion for an energy drink?

In addition to the quality of the supplement and its ingredient list, an important factor that will ultimately determine your final choice in an energy drink, is your organism’s “tolerance” to caffeine.

Have you ever wondered how much caffeine you need to perform powerfully, with no side effects?

(Note that this amount varies among persons).

Optimal caffeine levels – in general (for most people) – are around four (400) mg of caffeine per day.

For some people, however, even just one hundred (100) mg can cause unpleasant side effects.

As much as a “good” amount of caffeine gives you a boost, an overdose of it can be just as detrimental to your performance.

Therefore, it’s good to find your own personal caffeine levels helping you to be full of energy, without unpleasant consequences.

Nutrition: How will it help me not to “run out” of energy?

As it is understood, nutrition plays a very important role in your energy levels during the day (from early morning to late at night).

Both the quality of your daily meals and their distribution throughout the day play a key role in your energy levels and in your overall health, as well.

First, prepare your schedule.

Don’t leave your program of meals at random, depending on when you get the chance.

Make an organized nutritional plan for yourself every day.

This will help you stay full, healthy and full of energy.

Then try to make your diet macro-friendly and insulin-friendly.

This means that you will again have to identify what works best for your organism nutritionally.

You’ll have to figure out which nutritional fuel sources work right for you.

This means which foods and in what quantity too.

Trying to lose weight?

Then your nutrition will have to be created on a different basis.

Do you exercise?

You should also structure a nutritional plan to keep you full of energy and to properly nourish your tired muscles.

What is the best energy drink and why? – Conclusion

If you’re looking for an instant boost of energy and great taste, however, without the unpleasant side effects, our top pick is TestoPrime’s Instant Energy.

Product of the large company WOLFSON BRANDS (UK) LIMITED is a reliable and safe choice.

Instant Energy – unlike most energy drinks on the market – contains no sugar to give you a boost but a rich list of nutritious ingredients.

It will provide you with constant energy throughout the day.

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