WATCH: PM Modi vows to review petrol & diesel price in Rajasthan ahead of polls

WATCH: PM Modi vows to review petrol & diesel price in Rajasthan ahead of polls

Nov 20, 2023 - 14:30
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WATCH: PM Modi vows to review petrol & diesel price in Rajasthan ahead of polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday guaranteed people of Rajasthan that if BJP is voted to power in the state, prices of petrol and diesel will be reviewed to provide relief to the poor and middle class people.

“In the neighbouring states of Rajasthan, there is a BJP government. There, petrol is Rs 97 per litre, but the Congress government in Rajasthan sells petrol at higher prices…,” PM Modi said, while addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Pali.

“I give a guarantee that after the BJP government is formed, the prices of petrol and diesel will be reviewed… This will give relief to the poor and middle-class people,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said "...Wherever there is the double-engine government of BJP, every scheme of the central government is implemented on the ground faster, or the state governments of the BJP add something to it."

"Wherever there is a BJP government, along with Rs 6,000 from PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, BJP state governments give Rs 6,000 additionally from their side... Rajasthan BJP leaders too have resolved that after the BJP government is formed, farmers will get Rs 6,000 additionally," he added.

Congress, allies have anti-women mindset

During the rally, PM Modi slammed I.N.D.I alliance, headed by Congress, and attacked Bihar Chief Minister and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar for his "vulgar”, “derogatory”, and “double-meaning” remarks in the state Assembly earlier this month.

"Congress and its allies have an anti-women mindset," the Prime Minister said.

Nitish Kumar had given a graphic description in Bihar Assembly of how an "educated" married woman could get her husband to adopt a particular method of contraception.

“When an educated girl gets married, she can help in population control by telling her husband how to go safe and this has actually helped in population control,” Kumar had said.

"The husband’s acts led to more births. However, with education, a woman knows how to restrain him... this is the reason the numbers (of births) are coming down,” the Bihar CM had said.

I.N.D.I.A wants to eradicate 'Sanatan'

Prime Minister Modi said Congress and the 'Ghamandia' alliance want to eradicate 'Sanatan' which thereby means that they want to "eradicate the culture of Rajasthan".

"The entire country has seen what Congress and the 'Ghamandia' alliance have said about 'Sanatan'. They want to eradicate 'Sanatan'. Eradicating 'Sanatan' means eradicating the culture of Rajasthan." PM Modi said.

Congress can't think anything except appeasement

The Prime Minister told the people of Rajasthan that Congress, which is power in the state, has always turned a blind eye to incidents of atrocities against Dalits.

"Dynastic politics is everything for Congress, they can't think of anything except appeasement," the PM said.

"Today, we are working hard to become a developed nation. For this, a government which gives priority to development is needed in Rajasthan. Nothing is more important than corruption and familial politics for Congress. This party doesn't think of anything other than appeasement politics," PM Modi said.

"Congress has made Rajasthan number one in crimes against women. The Chief Minister (Ashok Gehlot) says that the complaints filed by the women are fake. Can it ever happen that a woman in our country files a fake case? The CM should say that a probe is underway, and not that the cases filed are fake. Isn't this an insult to women?" the Prime Minister said.

Assembly election in Rajasthan will be held on 25 November. Counting of votes and result will take place on 3 December.

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