Watch: Japanese man spots live frog in his Udon noodles cup

Watch: Japanese man spots live frog in his Udon noodles cup

May 29, 2023 - 21:30
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Watch: Japanese man spots live frog in his Udon noodles cup

There have been numerous occasions when people have placed orders at restaurants and ended up receiving unforeseen surprises with their food. In the world of dining, unexpected occurrences can sometimes take place, leaving customers astonished or even shocked by what they encounter when their meals are served. One such recent incident took place in Japan, where a customer had an unusual experience while trying out the latest offering from a noodle restaurant. During a business trip to Nagasaki prefecture, a customer who goes by the name Kaito on Twitter decided to visit a Marugame Seimen outlet located in Ishaya city. He ordered a cup of Shake Udon, a noodle dish with minced meat in chili sesame sauce, from the popular noodle chain store.

After consuming most of the food, Kaito noticed something unexpected in his remaining broth, a live frog. Startled by the discovery, he shared a video on Twitter, showing the frog moving in the broth at the bottom of his udon cup. Using chopsticks, he carefully lifted the frog to demonstrate that it was still alive and breathing. The incident caught attention as it was an unusual and surprising addition to his meal.

In his tweet caption written in Japanese, Kaito expressed a word of caution to fellow diners, advising them to be careful when consuming food from the same outlet. He also mentioned that the restaurant was temporarily closed for three hours that day but resumed its operations in the evening, continuing to offer the same items on the menu.

You can watch the video of the live frog found in the Udon takeaway cup here:

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